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Sorry for the lack of posts my lovelies. With going to college full… - Recommended Romance Novels/Authors [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Recommended Romance Novels/Authors

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[May. 16th, 2007|01:26 pm]
Recommended Romance Novels/Authors


Sorry for the lack of posts my lovelies. With going to college full time I haven’t had the chance to read much but I’ve read four books since Spring Semester let out five days ago and I have a fifth one showing up today. I won’t review Dark Demon and Dark Gold by Christine Feehan just yet because I want to read the entire series in order. Although each book can stand by itself on the website Feehan herself says that reading them in order provides a richer reading experience.

The books in order:
Dark Prince
Dark Desire
Dark Gold
Dark Magic
Dark Challenge
Dark Fire
After Twilight (Dark Dream)
Dark Legend
Dark Guardian
Dark Symphony
The Only One (Dark Descent)
Dark Melody
Dark Destiny
Hot Blooded (Dark Hunger)
Dark Secret
Dark Demon
Dark Celebration

I will, of course, reread the books I’ve already read once I get to them in order. I like the books I’ve read so far.
But…now for the books I can tell you about.

Castle of the Wolf by Sandra Schwab is a paranormal romance novel. On the surface level it reads like a normal historical romance unless, of course, you pay attention. There are little sections in which secondary yet pivotal characters come into play. Without these little sections the underlying flavor of the story is lost and so is the books appeal. I liked the book to a degree and yet I didn’t like it all that much. The heroine, while likable, comes off as a bit weak of personality at times eventually she gets over this but in the beginning I just really wanted to slap her. The hero, or at least the protagonist, is not a likable man. He’s been injured in war and he lost a leg. But that is absolutely no excuse for him to be a coarse, impolite, and…dare I say it…Emo jerk. At the end of the book you might like him…I almost did in the second to last chapter. But I didn’t really have that “oh I hope they get together” pull of the story.

The Captain of all Pleasures by Kresley Cole is another of the books I have read this week. I admit wholeheartedly that Cole should have waited as long as she had to, hours, days, weeks, maybe even months until she came up with a better title. But do not judge a book by it’s schmaltzy title. If you like your men big and dominant, if you like your women sassy and independent then this is the book for you. These characters are well rounded and you feel for them. You want them to get together. You want everything to work out. They make you angry, sad, happy…you name it and this book delivers.

Okay my lovelies that is all I have for now. When I am done reading Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe I will post another review.
Oh and yes…I do fully intend on also reading the Wicked trilogy Nina Bangs has come out with. s