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Sorry for the delay.

Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe was an excellent read. There are some similarities between this new series of novels and Christine Feehan’s Dark Series that cannot be overlooked, such as the true-mates which are pretty much exactly like the Life Mates. But other than that it is well written. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the similarities if Monroe herself hadn’t given Feehan kudos in the front of the book for inspiring her to write in the paranormal genre.

I’ve also read…

Highland Savage by Hannah Howell which was a deviation from the paranormal stint I’ve been on but I was willing to give it a try. The first 2/3 of the novel are action packed and engaging. However, the main conflict is resolved at the end of that 2/3 and the rest of the book is the ever so frustrating conflict of the two main characters being complete idiots and not just coming out and talking to each other. In other words…the book should have ended 2/3 of the way. But it didn’t and I feel like I wasted two hours of my life reading the rest of the book.

I have more books coming today. I will try to write prompt reviews of them due to me going back to college for a summer class starting the 29th. But, I get out on July 5th…so all my readers here won’t have to wait too long before I start another epic reading fest.

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Sorry for the lack of posts my lovelies. With going to college full time I haven’t had the chance to read much but I’ve read four books since Spring Semester let out five days ago and I have a fifth one showing up today. I won’t review Dark Demon and Dark Gold by Christine Feehan just yet because I want to read the entire series in order. Although each book can stand by itself on the website Feehan herself says that reading them in order provides a richer reading experience.

The books in order:
Dark Prince
Dark Desire
Dark Gold
Dark Magic
Dark Challenge
Dark Fire
After Twilight (Dark Dream)
Dark Legend
Dark Guardian
Dark Symphony
The Only One (Dark Descent)
Dark Melody
Dark Destiny
Hot Blooded (Dark Hunger)
Dark Secret
Dark Demon
Dark Celebration

I will, of course, reread the books I’ve already read once I get to them in order. I like the books I’ve read so far.
But…now for the books I can tell you about.

Castle of the Wolf by Sandra Schwab is a paranormal romance novel. On the surface level it reads like a normal historical romance unless, of course, you pay attention. There are little sections in which secondary yet pivotal characters come into play. Without these little sections the underlying flavor of the story is lost and so is the books appeal. I liked the book to a degree and yet I didn’t like it all that much. The heroine, while likable, comes off as a bit weak of personality at times eventually she gets over this but in the beginning I just really wanted to slap her. The hero, or at least the protagonist, is not a likable man. He’s been injured in war and he lost a leg. But that is absolutely no excuse for him to be a coarse, impolite, and…dare I say it…Emo jerk. At the end of the book you might like him…I almost did in the second to last chapter. But I didn’t really have that “oh I hope they get together” pull of the story.

The Captain of all Pleasures by Kresley Cole is another of the books I have read this week. I admit wholeheartedly that Cole should have waited as long as she had to, hours, days, weeks, maybe even months until she came up with a better title. But do not judge a book by it’s schmaltzy title. If you like your men big and dominant, if you like your women sassy and independent then this is the book for you. These characters are well rounded and you feel for them. You want them to get together. You want everything to work out. They make you angry, sad, happy…you name it and this book delivers.

Okay my lovelies that is all I have for now. When I am done reading Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe I will post another review.
Oh and yes…I do fully intend on also reading the Wicked trilogy Nina Bangs has come out with. s

Heart Mate by Robin D. Owens

Every once in a while people need a seriously disappointing book.

If it’s that once in a while moment look no further than Heart Mate by Robin D. Owens.

On a world named Celta in a city named Druida there are people with massive psychic abilities. They fled earth to escape persecution for their “Flair” (no shit she named it that), and the main domesticated earth animals that thrive on the planet are…cats. They even have a sun named “Bel” (short for Beltane for those of you uninitiated into new agey stuff). They do rituals which include the “Guardians of the Watchtowers” (Craft, Much?).

Anyway if you can overlook the cheesy Wicca underlining of everything, and the fact that they can teleport and their main forms of communication are scrying then you’re still in for a wretched book.

First, there is no main antagonist. The conflict, if you can call it that, is man’s feelings vs. Woman’s feelings. The complications are a jumbled mess, glued together with frustrating dialogue and underdeveloped lead characters.

The man, Rand T’Ash is a bully, an unlikable brutish jerk with no regard for the wishes of the lead female, Danith Mallow. At first you think you might at least like her. She starts out strong and there are moments of spine…but they’re ineffective. She’ll rant and rail but do nothing to actively rebuke the man for being a lout. He teleports into her living room and she just gets pissy.

You would think that in a world where teleportation and scrying, not to mention telekinesis through great distances, were common place they would have some sort of spell that a woman could use to foist the jerk out of her living room. But no, they don’t.

The cat Familiar, Zanth is more likable than either of the human leads and even then she did not get a cat personality right. Cat’s are NOT whiney going “mine, mine, LOVE ME” They demand it. “I’m pretty, you’ll love me, or I’ll pee on your clothes”. That’s what a real cat is like. And they DON’T adorn themselves with expensive jewelry, cats don’t like being trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey using Tiffany Collection quality jewels.

So, avoid the book…unless you like suffering.
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My turn!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like a lil kid who finally gets to ride the pony. While I was buying books yesterday I stumbled across this author Katie MacAlister, mostly because her book was called The Corset Diaries, yet another one of my happy little obsessions, and I went oooOo and bought it. She is cheesier than nacho cheese, and her characters are some what predictable, and the plot was kinda crap, but I loved the damn book made me laugh the whole time I was reading it, if either of you wants a go at it I am sure I can send it to you for less than it would cost at the book store and all.

With out further adieu, the back cover synopsis:

No woman in her right mind would consent to wearing a corset for a month. Especially a "skinny-challenged" woman like Tessa. But dreams of being debt-free dance in her head at the offer of appearing in a reality TV show. "A Month in the Life of a Victorian Duke" is about real people pretending to live on an English estate, circa 1879. And Tessa's leading man-a real-life Duke-is so handsome she can barely breathe, with or without the corset...
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Kermit The First

Kim Harrison-- The Hollows Series

A good series, modern day America, with a few twists in the history. Genetic engineering causes a virus that kills off a large portion of humanity, and the "other" races come out of hiding to fill the gap. Witches, weres, vampires (living *and* dead, a good twist on the traditional vampire mythology) pixies, faeries, and a very few elves.
Our heroine is a kick ass witch, never asking for help from anyone. A very strong female lead, sometimes overzealous and always entertaining. Less sex than some might like in the first book, but it picks up some in the second and third.

Go, now, get these books.
Kermit The First

Sherrilyn Kenyon

All I can say about this author is READ HER. She writes the Dark Hunter series, and has that all too rare talent to drag you into the storyline.
About the books: Take vampire myths, psychic powers, contemporary technology, stir in a liberal helping of ancient gods (of several pantheons) a dash of Atlantean myth, and a heaping helping of hot leading men. Bake at "oh baby" for three hundred pages and serve.
The heros are Dark Hunters, servants of the Goddess Artemis, who created them to hunt down soul sucking Daimons (vampires who eat the soul along with the blood,) who come from Appolites, created by Artemis's brother Appolo, and cursed by him for killing his mortal love, to die on their 27th birthdays, unless they turn Daimon and start sucking souls.
The heroines come in many flavors, and while some of them are oh rescue me little girls, there are also kick ass come and get it tough women. Each book is the story of one Dark Hunter, and his lady-love, finding the path to recover his soul from Artemis. One constant throughout the books is Acheron, ancient Atlantean half-deity, original Dark Hunter, hottie, and leader of the Dark Hunters.
She also has a few side stories in this series, all of which are good. Think ancient Macedonian general hottie, son of the goddess of love and lust, cursed into a book by a jealous relative, bound to be a sex slave for every woman who summons him on the full moon.

All in all, I highly reccomend this author, she knows how to write the hot sex scenes without losing sight of the fact that a book needs an actual plot. A convoluted one at times, but she keeps you on the edge of your seat (and wishing you had a Dark Hunter of your own!)
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Portrait of a Man by Tracy Forbes

I have nothing nice to say about this book. Not a thing! The beginning was rather disorienting because I picked up the second book in a series. The middle was just silly, and the end was so frustrating I was practically gritting my teeth! I wanted to toss the book on the floor and hop up and down on it like a two year old having a hissy fit it was so frustrating!

For you masochists out there now wanting to read the novel preceding this horrid piece of fiction here's the title

Portrait of a Woman
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The Burning by Susan Squires

What can I say about this book that’s good? Well, I guess some people would consider a lot of sex to be good. But that’s all I can say to recommend it.

It’s yet another Vampire novel (yeah I was on a Vampire binge) only in this one the heroin has strong psychic abilities she believes are going to drive her insane. And the Hero is a vampire who was practically tortured by three women with sex.

That’s right, tortured with sex. To focus his powers of course! Why didn’t I think of that? All that pent up sexual frustration has to go somewhere right? (If I could properly convey eye rolling in text this is where I’d do it).

Every other chapter has him reliving his nightmarish treatment by these three female vamps. I skipped it almost every time after reading the first three such sections. It makes the story distorted and frankly I feel it cheapened the novel just a bit. Including one piece of utter silliness in which he drives one of the female vamps insane by attaining orgasm after months of being forced to NOT attain orgasm. I had a mental image flash of Scary Movie.

So, don’t want, run! Run as fast and as far away as you can from this book!
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I Burn For You by Susan Sizemore

If you like vampire romance novels you should like this book. I can’t think of much to personally recommend this novel to others who aren’t fans of the sub-genre. But, I can’t think of many things bad to say about it either. It had a fairly gripping plot line but only if you are into vampires. If you’re not then you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book.
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Master of Wolves by Angela Knight

Okay this is a book in a series that I happened upon without reading the previous books. As far as that goes, it wasn’t a bad read. Unlike some series where you feel lost from not having read the previous books this one didn’t leave me feeling like I’d fallen down Alice’s Rabbit Hole.

I liked the characters, the heroin kicks much butt, the hero isn’t an insufferable bully, and I wanted to pick up the next in the series as soon as this book ended. (Comes out in October of 2006 titled Master of Swords).

The other books by Angela Knight...One I am assuming isn’t part of the series.

Jane’s Warlord
Master of the Night
Master of the Moon

I personally recommend this series.
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